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Embarassing? That's awesome. Aaron Spelling woud be so happy!


How does one best recover from a breakup?

I recently had my heart shattered, into a million tiny pieces by this girl I was utterly in love with. Becuse and this is the official reason, when I took her on this great romantic weekend getaway (our six month anversery) to the beach, 11 states away from where we live. I laid down on the beach without a towel under me and embarrased her.

How does one recover from something like that?


I feel your pain, Roberte3. There's no easy way to recover. Be good to yourself the next few days; hang with some friends whom you can talk to; and remember -- it wasn't about you, it was about her.


That is the best admission ever... Because whenever I hear that song, I leave it on the radio because it reminds me of that scene too.

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