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- He has not gone bald


Oh no!! Duke?!
Though one thing I CAN say for Duke basketball fans: they're passionate, and that bodes well for relationships.


Duke is great! You'll learn. ;)

So cute! You be happy.

mr. NBT

I want to make it clear I am actually a year older than S, lest anyone think she is robbing the cradle. So technically, I am an older man. Everything else is true. Especially Duke being great.

The Happy Feminist

Once you've been with a litigator, you never go back.

Mutual masturbation - yuck!


I've been lurking for weeks now without posting. Let me tell you that as a Southern trial lawyer, you clearly don't realize what kind of catch you have come up with. Boat that bad boy.

Except this whole Duke B-Ball thing. That really does not fit the profile. He is either not a real Southerner or he's not a real roundball fan.

But what the hell do I know - I'm probably South Georgia's only Zags fan.


i'm glad you are smiley and that it's because of a boy...there's nothing like it in all the world, so enjoy.


I'd have to say that you've lucked out. At least in this day and age, you have the option of unlimited long-distance phone service for a flat fee, and Skype over broadband internet connections. For the six months Gee was in Seattle, and I was in NoVA, our combined phone bills averaged almost $600 a month.


That Duke thing is too much, you're SOL from November to May, plus whenever is the recruiting season.


I remember when I met my wife. My cellphone bill went through the roof. Here's wishing you the best.


"I would certainly not date a lawyer."

Why not?


"I'm eager to go down and see his."

(eyebrow raise)

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