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Are you doing the reconstruction to get ready to move to a new place in Portland or to get ready to stay in your house?

I think it's amazing that you're doing all this on your own. You'll gain more perspective when it's done. It's not called sweat equity for nothing. Renting (unless you're a student) is a disastrous financial move. You have nothing to show at the end of the day for it other than your landlord's bulging pockets.


Hang in there,SF. It will get better, and then it will get really nice.


I think it's awesome that you're doing all of this. It's very brave of you and think of how proud you'll be when you're done!


It's difficult at first, but with a bit of experience, it gets easier. Were you able to sail a boat the first time out and tack it and such all by yourself... Did it get easier with time and experience... Don't get too discouraged.


Fully agree-- don't buy a house alone. If at all possible, buy a house with a construction professional.

Landlords don't get rich quick, either. My roommate's rent may seem like it's going into my "bulging pockets", but in fact it just barely pays the property taxes.

Yes -- property taxes which confirm your ownership.


I think I'll invest in purchasing a tent instead...:P

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