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I agree with this. I'm already a pretty open person, and most people who read my blog know me in real life anyway, but I like having a record of who I was to look back on and see where I've come in the year or so I've been blogging. So much has changed, yet stayed the same. But it does encourage me to be more honest about what I want and need and put it out there to the people it matters most to.

Good post!


Couldn't have said it better myself! Kudos!

Carol Anne

I must agree with you that blogging has helped me both to know myself better and also to extend myself.

If I had not started my blog, I would not have ventured into areas in which I am now stretching myself, such as sailing competitively. It was the encouragement I got from readers of my blog that got me going in the first place and kept me going when things got rough.

Blogging has also led me into explaining myself more, and in the process of explaining myself to others, I have found I am also explaining myself to myself. I've discovered feelings that before were just vague gut reactions, and I've worked out exactly what I'm feeling and why.

By the way, I like that you have changed the picture at the top of the blog. The image from the Arabian Nights was cool, but your self-portrait is even better. I see your face, and I like what I see -- it's a face that looks good without any makeup, that belongs outdoors and looks good outdoors.

I never could understand the idea that women should spend a half-hour of the morning painting their faces, and then another half-hour in the evening scrubbing off the makeup. I suppose in your past life as a lawyer, you actually did have to submit to that regime -- and probably you had to wear pantyhose, too. Aargh.

But you're honest, and you're natural, and I'm probably not the only regular on your blog who appreciates that.


It helps our relationship when Carol Anne is able to explain her feelings to herself and to me; life just makes more sense when we have a "why". Of course, that also works on the boat, too; crew members do better when they understand the reasons and purpose underlying a plan or maneuver as well as its detailed steps.


I started blogging after reading you for about a year. And quickly discovered there is a HUGE disconnect between the things I think are true and the things I talk about. You're right, my blog may not be the best part of me. But it feels so good to have one place where I can say what I really think. It has started to carry over into my real-life too.

The Happy Feminist

Wow, you have a lot of blog children, S. Blogging is probably the most honest and joyful activity in which I have ever engaged. It has taught me the real meaning of the terms "self-expression" and "finding your voice," terms that I had never really understood before. And when people respond to what I write, it feels like the world is giving me a hug.

Again, a big thank you for brining this fabulous activity into my life.


OK, so because of YOU, I have started to blog as well - in secret. I have told only a few people (a big number of TWO), but when I feel brave enough I will tell others so that they might read. Silly, maybe...but I am stepping out of my box.

I also have been keeping a journal I have named Big Red. This has been a fabulous journey. Thanks S.

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