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Ha! This post made me grin.


Hee hee!


This the best post you will ever write. It's all downhill from here.


Fabulous post! (I second that Dylan)


What Dylan said.


hehe...i do this at my gym, too. :P


See, Sherry, this is why I don't go to your gym.

It may also be why I have never yet been to my own gym.


You're not alone with this. The next step is to come up with secret names for your cast of characters, and to have a gym buddy you can share the names with. And, um, to help you make up stories about them. For example, at my gym, we've got "Spike" - who appears to be your typical meathead (who may in fact be a sharp guy, I'm just going with the stereotype here) and "Britney", who really looks like Spike's dream girl. I hope they get together.

Kyla (aka friend of Mr. NBT)

I second Bill and Dylan. And, I would like to add, it made me laugh out loud in the middle of Panera bread. I especially like the "forging the alliances" bit. Good stuff. I, too, have people I like and dislike at my gym. Funny how some observations (i.e. about button-nose and her hubby)are very personal and probably dead-on. It's amazing what you can tell about people without really knowing anything about them. But it's also a dangerous temptation, seductive like righteous anger. Anyways, I look forward to reading more and I refuse to believe it's downhill. :)


This post is hilarious. You might think about how it would develop into a short story.


This post reminds me of "A Miscellany of Characters that will not Appear" by John Cheever. He won the pulitzer, so I'd say you're in good company.


I clicked the comments to simply write "I LOVED THIS POST!"

I was happy to see the everyone else agreed.


Hey, that was an amazing post! I think you should publish it in some magazine - "Self" probably. You know, I guess everyone has those relationship in his gym to some extent:-) There was a guy, I've never noticed before, who practically jumped off my FAVOURITE eliptical training machine when he saw me, with the words, "It's yours, it's yours, I know how you like it"- guess in his mind I'm an "elliptical chick":-); there are 2 "Tall Blonds", who run 5 miles a day, and I always thought it's the same one, until I saw them next to each other:-); there is "Oh, please - NO" a VERY talkative girl, whom I'm trying to avoid - unsuccessfully; there is a "Screamer" - very loud Indian guy, who developed a habbit of riding a bycicle and yelling on his cellphone. And in case, God forbids, he runds - you probably can hear it in Maine. I haven't been to gym for 10 days, and I miss them deeply:-)


Sounds like it's time to rent The Breakfast Club again!

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