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Congratulations, that is fantastic and amazing. I've never attempted any type of home project like that. My husband does all that stuff but I can imagine the sense of accomplishment and pride. Right now he's wiring our basement for a home theatre. I'm just part of the painting crew.

I still get excited about home projects, home depot is a wonderful place and not just for men.


"My husband does all that stuff"

Right there is where I sometimes wish I had a different sexual orientation, so I too could have a husband, and wouldn't have to do "all that stuff" myself...


Tilerman's rules of DIY
1. It always takes 3 times longer than you think it will.
2. There's alway sone vital tool that would make the job easier but you don't have it.
3. You always break something you didn't mean to.
4. Now you've fixed that part it makes something else look worse.
5. There's always one more job to do.


So where are the shower pics?

No, I didn't say something dirty, get your mind out of the gutter.

Pix please!


Tillerman forgot one important rule.

6. It will always cost more than you budgeted for it.


Tillerman said it'll take three times longer... actually, I the correction factor we've always used for both time and money is more like 3.14159.

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