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I have a pretty heavy schedule during the week so I make sure that when I have the time to cook (odd nights in the week and weekends) I make double and freeze the "leftovers" - that way I get convenience food that isn't junk.


There's a joke in our house that I don't cook meals, I cook leftovers. Currently my personal favorite is risotto rice with sautéed onions and peas. The vermouth added during cooking doesn't hurt either. It's even good cold. Of course one would need to complete the protein and add some greens to make a really great leftover meal.

Daughter Emily (who is working to move out of the house), does a fabulous job of consistently creating very appealing lunches to take to work. I'm always impressed. They are often based on local organic greens from the farmer's market. Of course I do most of the shopping which is a chore in and of itself.

Food is a biggy. You have too much else going on to slight food. It's the foundation...as we all know....of living well.

By the way, best of luck on your new relationship. It sounds like a few bells (not necessarily to be construed as wedding) are clanging...yea!


Sounds about right, on all counts. :D

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