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Is the identity or tone which you've established here fixed/immutable or is it fluid, with the possibility for some evolution? Assuming your readership continues on the journey with you in months/years to come, one hopes the possibility exists. I imagine too, that the readership will also change with time -- you'll lose some readers, gain others.


well, may be try to give it a look from another point? I guess that 12 comments on your leaky pipes were an attempt to provide you with some "tangible" help rather than just virtual shoulder tapping. And yes, in fact it was done in response to your earlier emotional posts...I think it was after a tragedy with your dog...I was actually touched even reading those comments - I felt good for you, I thought that your readers do care about you...
Like was the case past summer - when you posted that you were in need of some real help - whatever it could be - editorial assistance, repairing tiles in your bathroom, etc. Being a thousand miles away, I can't be of any real help with your lawn. And being a woman who had to pass through real tough times on my own, I don't believe anymore in "talking" friends - with all this - "Oh, you are so great,- Oh, you'll figure it out,-Oh, you will be fine." I needed someone to tell me how to repair leaking pipes, how to fix the drawyer in my closet, how to exchange my foreign driver license and other crap. I needed to move on with my life. And I did not have anyone there for me. So, when I see someone in - what seems to be - a state of emotional meltdown, I'd better talk about tiles and glue in HomeDepot rather than giving some "life-meaning" speeches...


I do think that comments make a blog such as this one many times more valuable that it would be without, both to the author and to the commenters. A blog without comments is very unidirectional - information flows out from the author, but nothing flows back in towards the author. There's little difference between a non-commented blog and a documentary film on the author's life.

On the other hand, when an author's ideas float out, they bounce around in other people's heads and make new ideas. Think of it as a nuclear reaction - every idea that goes out creates a couple new ones. When there is a means for those new ideas to flow back in towards the author, and perhaps bounce around in *her* head, creating new ideas that flow back out... well, it creates a self-sustaining system that generates a lot of energy! It's no longer a documentary; it's a much more fulfilling process for all of those involved!


"It's a project where I am trying to speak the truth about my experience as I fumble along trying to live a life that fits me." Well said; thank you for having us join you/in on this project call life. I do enjoy the "free" will of the blog, and it reflects in the posts.

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