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enjoy the scheming and planning and getting excited about visiting. maybe that can replace some of the "he's gone now" annoyance.

Long distance relationships are SO bipolar! Things go from bliss to grave with the tick of a second hand. I was in a long distance relationship that made me euphoric when he was around and catatonic when he was not- not at all like me, by the way. At any rate, we did the long distance thing for nearly a year and couldn't take it anymore. We finally moved to the same city and are now engaged to be married. Trust me its worth it! I am so happy you had a wonderful time!!

Christy NBT's sister

Enjoying reading all I can about you Sherry. At least this way I can find out more about you. Are you reading this NBT? Take a hint bro!


I remember having similiar feelings when Gee was in Seattle. At least the financial cost of long distance relationships has come down a long way since then... our combined monthly phone bills were well over $700...

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