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That was a great post. I think a lot of the trappings of modern life (matching curtains, plates, etc) are fine if you care about them. But when I read your blog I have this vision of the perfect Portland lifestyle, a comfortable house, lots of friends to hang with, a job doing something you love, free time to write, a cool dog, the outdoors and plenty of time and inclination to enjoy them. To me, that stuff wins hands down over matching doilies, two-car garages, and uncomfortable, stuffy dinner parties.


Oops, sorry, I think put the comment under the wrong post.

Can you say a little more about how things are with you and NBT? Just general. I want to know if you're happy, figuring things out, etc. I've been combing thru for any posts by him and didn't notice any-- did he have fun?


Maybe you could try organizing a site for sailing coaches to pass on tips to each other -- like this one for debaters (http://www.cross-x.com) -- or just set up a mailing list for people to pose questions.

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