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Unless it was a deer tick, which are all pretty small, as ticks go, the chances of you getting Lyme disease is pretty minimal. I don't believe any of the other ticks carry Lyme disease.


if you've saved the tick in a ziploc bag, you can probably take it to local vector control to find out if it carries lyme. if it's still alive they can test it. if not, they can tell you the kinds of diseases that type of tick can carry. also, make sure that you have disinfected the site of the bite.

if you haven't saved it, then i guess it's a waiting game. good luck.


It was probably a dog tick, but if you notice a bull's eye rash around the bite, then you should immediately be seen. The rash appears about 80% of the time during cases of lyme disease. You have 48 hours to get treatment before you contract full lyme disease. This is what I remember from college microbiology so hopefully it's still up to date.


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