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Thank you so much for posting about this blog. I think I enjoy life but when my health is good, I take so much for granted. I appreciate others experiences of being awake and aware in our world, ready to experience life not just pass through the days.

By reading Valerie & Madelines blogs, when I read how they have and continue to struggle with health issues, it makes me want to live every day with energy, open and appreciative.


Ayup, I'm totally addicted to her posts.
whenever Im feeling sorry for myself, having
to go in for dialysis, I click her on.
No false bravado or plucky self-esteem, just
a really healthy outlook. For me, anyway

Pretty hot violin, too!


I came across Valerie's blog a few months ago. As a matter of fact, I've come across a couple blogs that you mention here at different times and not by linking from your blog. I find it odd that I happened to find them all quite separately but that they are all linked. Must be some sort of sign that I'm meant to live in Maine. I've thought about moving there. Do you recommend it?

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I like your post, it somehow bad experience to find your self paralytic. Hope its only dream not reality. Thanks for sharing!

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