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Whew!!! I'm tired just reading it all... it's all good and new (with NBT), just take care of yourself too.

Shame on you, lying to an undergraduate. Bad blogger. Bad, bad, bad. Now go take your doggie out for a walk as penance and think about what you had done.


Do they really know how to make burritos in Maine, of all places? I'm trying to imagine life in a part of the world where LL Bean is a real place, not a catalog or website. Yep, it's gotten chilly here -- Gerald was wearing long pants when he and Carol Anne were (sort of) sailing her Etchells (under jib only) to the ramp for haul out and repairs so we can re-launch in time for fall and winter sailing. Yesterday it only got up to 73F at the Butte.


Hi Sherry, I am a lifelong friend of NBT, who pointed me in the direction of your blog. Well since NBT has not returned my calls in over a week, I checked the blog to see what was going on. My wife (also a friend of NBT) asked what NBT stood for?, New Boy Toy? Found it rather humorous knowing the Next Big Thing all these years.


OMG. Dr. Zhivago? Wow. There is no turning back now.

Re: Reading, I have come to the conclusion that this is pretty much a bachelor's (or bachelorette's) delight.


Reading and exercising, and just general alone time, are the things I miss by being with Darin. For one thing, he's very jealous of my time and attention - which I keep in mind, and I tell him just because I'm not sitting right by him or just because I wake up earlier and go off for a cup of coffee and a bit of writing time -- it doesn't mean we aren't "together." He's recovering from some past relationship insecurities; I am being patient.
There are days I want to just have an hour or two to myself, though, without having to answer to him.

NBT's sister

Ok this explains why is nonexistant at times... he is off having way too much fun! I am jealous! *smile*



Sounds like a wonderful week... :D

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