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The Happy Feminist

The problem with the internet is that you can never just wonder about things any more. Apparently, integrity meets trust in the field of commercial and industrial building contracts.


Integrity meets trust at the Ace Corporation, silly!


According to their website, ACE Corporation is "New England's finest Commercial and Industrial Contractor."

"We believe the quality of our work reflects the integrity of our company, our experience, and commitment to safety that only we offer in the industry. You can trust that your job will be done accurately and professionally from start to finish, and that you are satisfied as we leave your work site. Our creed is a reflection of the way we do business and the way our company is managed."

And here's a great quote from their president. "It will always be ACE Corporations policy to insure that our employees return safely to their families every night." Do you know any corporations that have the opposite policy?

Maybe you should give them a call next time you need your shower fixed?


I keep thinking I need to trade in my little honda for a big white pickup truck. It would use a lot more gas, but on the other hand I could park anywhere and no one would think twice about it. They'd just think "oh, must be some construction going on."


Good idea, Rob! We have an old limo (22 mph) for a summer car; plug DVDs into the back for the kids and travel the state in it. Husband has often said he COULD park it anywhere- who knows who owns it? (but I won't do that) Certainly it couldn't be a regular small-town family... we let anyone who wants to get a ride hop in- all of our daughters' school pals have watched SpongeBob etc. in the back.

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