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Hey! when is your birthday? I am 34 on December 4 this year. Which is a couple of months out ....


I used to think Junior League might be kind of like Old School or Animal House with philanthropy. That would have been kind of fun.

Anonymous, still in turmoil over lovelife

It depends on where you are re: Junior League. I was a member in one very large city and we did amazing things for the community. And we got our nails dirty and broken. I transferred to another League in a different large city when I moved across country and was snubbed out the wazoo. My Jeep wasn't good enough. My job wasn't good enough. And apparently, my leadership credentials from the previous League were not relevant. I didn't stay with that one, but I found one in a suburb... small League. Again, we do good work and get our nails dirty. My life is enriched because of the work we do and my stomach is usually in turmoil after each meeting because of the really crappy food provided. Apparently, we're not very good cooks and we have to go fishing for napkins, usually papertowels out of the bathroom. I wear jeans to meetings as do most of the other women. Our parties are more like bashes than la-de-da events. Like I said, depends on the League and the mindset of those involved.

And yes, I usually remember birthdays, but that's because my personal social circle is small... and I have a perpetual calendar on the wall which shows whose birthday is coming up.

As for the shower drip, turn off the water at the source, pull off the faucet cover, remove the nut from the stem and replace all washers. Re-assemble and turn water back on. Usually new washers will do the trick. :-)

Bill Altreuter

One is in one's mid-thirtys until 39. I then came to a full stop, and will resume next year at 50.

All ages have their perils, I reckon, but it is better to dwell on the strengths that each lends. When we are in our 20s we are young and pretty, but inclined to dress so badly and wear such stupid haircuts that this advantage is diminished. In our 30s we learn to dress ourselves. In our 40s we aquire the confidence to use the things we learned in our 30s-- and we lose the arrogance that made us think we already were.


Many interesting thoughts and topics. I am excited to hear the elaborated version of them all, especially the dwellings on the women in junior league.


Hah! I love this post, and the previous one you refer to about Junior Leaguers. The various comments posted remind me of the insulted looks I get when I say “Oh you know, she was in a sorority” and I have grossly misjudged the college experience of my audience.
Having chosen a college that did not have a Greek system on purpose, I’ve always outwardly projected that I was above that sort of institutionalized friendship. However, there will always be a part of me that feels like a loser because I never participated in such groups, and wonders whether the reason I “opted out” of the experience is because I didn’t think I would make the cut amidst other more polished and well-heeled candidates.


Yeah... what Lynn said.


Anonymous is dead on about the washers. And the Junior League: as with all things,
context is everything and generalizations dangerous! Except with dripping, that is pretty much always the washers. ;)


I really like My Own Country, though I agree about the pacing and flow issues. I think the editor may not have wanted to get in the way of how the author naturally thought of his story, even if doing so would have made the book more even. It feels a little raw.

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