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Had to laugh - I also got addicted part way through season 2 and had to go back and watch all the previous episodes on DVD to catch up.

Having seen all of the episodes now, it still doesn't make a lot more sense.


Have fun! :)


LOL... Tillerman, who said TV shows had to make sense.


well, lost doesn't make sense even if you DO watch it all in order.

don't rush!! I just did this with Grey's Anatomy. I started watching the first season over the summer, and rushed like mad to get ready for the season start (I think it is the third now) in September. I didn't make it, but i did gorge for weeks. the problem is, now that i caught up, i miss it. i can't just download the next episode off iTunes whenever law school reading is on my nerves ... I have to wait until Thursday.

AND. there's commercials. blech.

especially now that it's all on iTunes ... don't rush through the first 2 seasons.

also - tomorrow is the last of the "6 episode fall season" then there's a big fat break through the winter, and they come back with a winter "season" later. so you'll have time.

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