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Try living in a community whose members don't even really know what a sailboat is. Curiously, New Mexico apparently has more boats per capita than Hawaii.


I think almost any avocation is its own little world. A friend rides horses and her world revolves around them like yours revolves around boats. Another friend plays adult hockey and is a fan, and he lives a rich, full life in the hockey world. Another is a serious badminton player and it's part of who she is. You/they/I/we lucky to have such opportunites to pursue these different interests.


You are very fortunate to live in a place of such uniqueness. Just like the mountains to us, it is a small piece of heaven in a crazy world. It is hard to take yourself out of a small place of familiarity. I think we all go through times like that in our lives and savoring all the small things is what life is all about. Can you imagine what it must be like for other's who have never really been about to step outside their "own" world and see the world for someone else's eyes. We are so lucky to be able to have that freedom and choice. New England is it's own little world and I loved it when I was able to visit it some years ago. The simplicity of life there at times must be wonderful. But I am not naive to think everywhere in New England is simple. I am ready to go back!!!

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