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Wow. I'd much rather read your summary than the book itself, and this summary makes me feel a lot more normal. No wonder I obsess about having the house bolted to the foundation here in earthquake country than my guy does. No wonder I find myself asking about car safety features when shopping about a car now that I have kids in my life. (That last one totally surprised me when it was happening - the words just kept coming out of my mouth when we went to the dealership.)

very interesting. I can remember *everything* from my first dates with my husband and I would get frustrated that he didn't have those memories. I felt it meant he didn't care as much as I did. I read the book after your report and now I see it's simply that his brain does not store emotional memories in such detail as mine does. As a fun compliment to "The Female Brain," I also got the book "Another Day in the Frontal Lobe" by a female neurosurgeon.


There is no better smell in the UNIVERSE than the smell of your own baby's head. None. If that is oxytocin, I want more.

That said, I never felt strong or in control or capable except before puberty; I suppose that bodes well for menopause and gives me something to look forward to! Also, what would life be like if old women continued to exist only in relationship when our culture pretty much abandons them? Thank God for small mercies, I'd say.

I am with you: I hate it when strident nonsense undercuts what is being presented, and it tends to give fuel to the "enemy" to present something that should be reasonably objective with such screed and emotion. Underscores for some people that those stupid chics can't reason properly. Those that are going to use the information against women are going to do so regardless of hedging by the author. Therefore, please save those of us who are not so inclined the annoyance.


I'm having these postmenopausal symptoms and wondering if they occur for anyone else --- I'm switching up my verbs. I say "stop" when I mean "go." I say "bent" when I mean "spent." I see a one-way sign, going the wrong way. I feel a little like the world is operating backwards....anyone have any experience with this or any info that might be helpful? Thanks


Women have a unique feminine brain. It is different from a man's brain. And it has its own styles of thought. Yet for the last fifty years women have had to fit their brains into a "male" world.

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