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What a cruel game - the roommate must have come to her senses and seen right through your facade.


Ack! I give up. The whole point of this post is that there *is* no dramatic story about roommate moving out. Hence the "fiction" part of the game....


Isaac Laquedem

It's a little unreasonable for someone who doesn't post even a fictitious name below his or her comment to carp that someone else has a facade.

nintendo r4

The Supreme Court of Georgia today issued a stay of execution for William Mark Mize to give the trial court judge time to rule on Mize’s Extraordinary Motion for New Trial. Chief Judge Lawton Stephens of the Western Judicial Circuit on Monday denied Mize’s request for a hearing on the motion, but he did not rule on the motion itself. An appeal to the state’s highest court is therefore premature.

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