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Wow. Thank you for that metaphor: it is a really good one. Almost as good as the one with the pencils at different heights in your hand.

In particular, this is hard with kids. Life is all these little moments that, upon reflection, you did completely wrong. It is sooo hard to think about the project in motion when you have to respond to the crises in microcosm. I hope to get better at this, some day. Hopefully before it is too late for the kids. But for me, it seems like the little frames are ants, and they eat me alive a tiny smidge at a time.

digital camera

If people used a video camera more than a still life camera, would he be able to see the minute details of nature as clearly it was captured on film? The still life camera would probably show a detailed appearance while the video camera will show the overall movement and picture. I guess that life is meant to be seen in both types of cameras, a still life to appreciate the beauty of it, and a moving one to capture and understand the whole picture. Although still pictures may be distorted at times, it sometimes needs to see the whole picture first to fully accept and understand what it means. Some gadgets can be used to enhance your view and outlook about the picture. A filter can remove the glare that blinds our eyes to the truth. Additional lens can increase your focus on what has to be done. And a flash adds a temporary illumination to enlighten the mind and heart.

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