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"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler."

Albert E.

Maybe its time to shut-er-down and get on with your life and stop letting 'us' get you down, put you up, and stress you out.

By all means, don't feel obligated to continue telling us what you are or are not going to write about and why.

Do what you need to do for yourself, and if it means putting this blog to bed, so be it.

Non of us will (should) resent you for it. It's been a fun ride.

Take care of yourself... and do what you want.


My advice to you is: don't take advice from us!


Life has its cycles, rhythms, moods, and seasons; so can and should your blog as it reflects the topics you feel a need to record, share, and discuss - - - or not.

And, like the subtlety of sail controls on the Etchells, you have many controls with which to shape revelation and discussion on your blog. Besides switching topics to something less tenuous or vulnerable or to something just plain fun and harmless, or removing an interpersonal relationship from the discussion, you can change the intimacy level, or you can throw the ball out to your community and let them run with some ideas, or just post some guidelines and delete any comments that stray off the reservation.

Or you could even turn the blog over temporarily to someone you trust, such as NBT or your family or crew members, as guest blogmasters / blogsitters.

Maybe 1:10 is right - the blog has run its course. Put it to bed and start a new one when you have something of interest to write or have moved on to a new lifestage. You're not helping yourself or what's left of your readership at this point. Your focus should be on NBT now -- opportunities like him must be incredibly rare in Portland - but I'm guessing you know that already - intuitively or straightforwardly.

Did the roommmate go all SWF on you?


Glad to see you back writing...even if it is just to say why you haven't been writing.


Take care, and have fun.

We'll be around when you're ready. If not, new ones of us will. The internet is good like that.


Scoplaw had a great post a year or so, which no doubt you read at the time.


Don't worry too much about your audience. I suspect that's not going to be a problem for too much longer.


Check out Michael Kinsley's piece today in Slate -- "On the Internet Everybody Knows You're A Dog". A must-read!


No worries. Be happy following whatever path is right for you. And thank you for sharing. I'm here because I value your thoughts and perspective, whenever you choose to share.


I strongly dislike getting advice from people on the internet, too. I like to feel connection. Advice feels a little bit like a put-down sometimes to me. Or like I'm being flattened - not a bumpy person with things that haven't been figured out or seen or understood yet, but like a flat character in a picture book. It makes me feel like Goofus or Gallant from Highlights.



I love how articulately you have decribed your "feelings about you feelings". I for one, do not ever think you are stupid. This blog in particular has made me realise that I am not on my own when I have hopes, fears, little neuroses. Thanks you for being a lovely, and kind hearted human being :-)Keep NBT all to yourself you deserve him!


Whatever else one might think of "Posted
By," he sure is a dedicated reader.

"Feelings about your feelings" is what I
love about your writing here. Just keep on
going by your internal rudder--it seems to
serve you quite well.


There's a good quote somewhere about advice (something akin to the one about opinions being like a'holes, everyone's got one) but I can't seem to remember it. Anyway, it is entirely your right not to blog about NBT, and to ask your readers not to give advice. However, I should point out that you often ASK for advice in your posts. And the nature of your writing sometimes invites advice, merely by the fact that you describe things that strike a common chord with people. It's human nature to see someone struggling with something that you've struggled with yourself, and want to help them.


I sort of like Pat's idea of putting SOF into temporary receivership if you feel the need for a hiatus. Not that I'm volunteering. But I bet somebody would.


I'm saddened by the comments with a nasty edge to them about your "audience," and its impending disappearance. Please know that many of your readers are like you, just trying to figure it out, trying to live thoughtfully and deliberately. My best wishes to you.



I'm always puzzled when I stumble across those nasty comments to your posts - as to what are they trying to achieve? why? Please don't let them get to you. and I enjoy reading whatever you are ready to share...Thanks!

I'm just sorta surprised everyone hasn't migrated over to your other blog! Best wishes to you, you deserve them!

Sherry has another blog? Would love to read it. If it's like this one - it must be very thought-provoking.

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