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Sorry I posted the above without signing in and I didn't mean to comment anonymously.


Wow, I'm off the net for an afternoon and this happens. ;-)

As much as I will miss your posts, I can do nothing other than wish you all the best in whatever path you choose to follow. You have graced us with profound writing and honesty that is oh so rare. Your thoughts and feelings have shaped mine in a number of ways. Thank you Sherry for all that you've given. I will miss you.

Good way to end this run. Your narrative instincts are starting to serve you well.


How dare you! You can't just leave us flapping in the wind like that :)

But seriously--

I've been reading your blog for the past year or so, and although I've never commented, it's been a constant inspiration. G'luck in your future plans.

Thanks for the unusual insights, the inspiring revelations, and the light hearted banter!


P.S. I reckon I know what tomorrow's surprise is. Can I spill the beans? Dare or dare? :)


I am so sad to have found you yesterday and now you are leaving already. i'll find comfort in reading 3 years of blogs and in knowing that wonderful role models like you exist. Happy Birthday!


First Deb, Hatched. Then Fresh Pepper. Followed by Barely Legal. And now Stay of Execution. That's it - I'm going to quit reading blogs for they all leave me like yesterday's lovers.

Seriously, it's been a great ride. I hope you leave it up - I look forward to reading historical posts for advice and guidance. Look forward to the big surprise tomorrow!


What? You're not even going to blog about the pros and cons of terminating this blog? Best wishes, Co-Chief


What? You're not even going to blog about the pros and cons of terminating this blog? Best wishes, Co-Chief


I may not comment often but I read your blog regularly and always thought it would be great fun to share a glass (bottle?) of wine and chat with you.

I wish you the best of luck but dang, girl, write somewhere we can all read.

p.s. I turned 40 this past summer and I'm still finding my path. Like Sheryl Crow says, "Everyday is a winding road."

I probably misquoted that.


Alf layla wa layla.

Merry Christmas. Light comes back, starting tomorrow. Happy Birthday.


You're a great writer and a nice person. Enjoy your life.


Sherry, I want to thank you for your blog. You modelled for me what authentic writing should look like, it prompted me to think about all manner of things (including topics that are completely foreign to me, like sailing and bathroom tiling), you've been a gracious, creative and interesting blogger, and I want you to know I'm really going to miss reading your posts.

Thank you also for providing the forum for me to get to know some other really awesome bloggers...Meg, Charlsiekate, Tillerman, Hannah, Weeble, Turbo, Rich, bill, Lyco, Johanna, Scoplaw, Life in the Slow Lane,Ms. Feverish, Jamie..and through them, met other quality people. It's been a great opportunity to see life through other eyes, and I'm much richer for that!

Thank you, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!!*


(Oh, and welcome to the 34 club...it's a good year ;)


I echo a previous poster: GAACK!

It was my own fault for reading this post right before bed last night, but I just dreamt that I came down to North Carolina and knocked on your door (it didn't occur to me until the dream was ending -- how did I know where to go? anyway), and you were very gracious and we swung on a huge porch swing (it spanned the entire street).

And now for the bargaining stage: what about the story game? did people submit fake stories about your roommate? you can't leave now!

Ah well. I guess the point is, I'll miss your blog. A fellow reader was just asking what was going on in your life, and I rattled off the latest events as far as I knew them. Anyway, SoE has become a fixture in my life.



Happy Birthday!

May all your future endeavors bring as much happiness to you and others as this one did. Good luck, and godspeed on your way to "what's next".

You sure know how to make a girl tear up! Like any good book that ends there is anticipation for the next volume. Thank you so much for sharing so much with us in such a profound and honest way. You are one of the good ones, my dear. Is there any chance we could talk you into leaving a tip jar out?

Here here -- tip jar! Say so if you agree in your post! I want a small way to say thank you (besides the word kind).


Happy birthday.

boo and hurrah! frolic on madam.


I’m with Turbo. I’ll jump on those two planes it takes to get to NC and rescue you if necessary. GIVE US A SIGN!!


Thanks for providing us all with such a fascinating read for so long. Yours was one of the first blogs I discovered and it inspired me to start my own. Best wishes with wherever your journey takes you next.


What good readers you have brought together! Thank you for working to have a clean, expressive voice. It helps us to develop a clean, receptive ear.



Reading your blog on a daily basis has been a wonderful treat. You have inspired me and encouraged me in so many ways. What a thought-provoking, honest, sincere voice that I will dearly miss.

May all of you deepest wishes come true. God Bless-



Sherry! Happy birthday, and we're sad to see you go, and wish you the best of luck. Thank you, with all sincerity, for everything you've written here. :)

As an insignificant birthday gift, your horoscope for the upcoming year:

"If you are thinking about a major upheaval, maybe something that will take you away from everything you have known, you must weight up the pros and cons with great care. It may well be the right thing to do but you need to be sure of that fact in your own mind - then you can make your big move."

Take care of yourself!


As usual just tuned in to see what you were up to. Surprise!

I haven't posted prior (and I thought I might be the only one), because growing up with two younger sisters I have learned two things 1. you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink, or no matter how good you tacticians advice you still have to move the tiller and 2. opinions are like "you know what" and everyone has one, and from reading this blog at times one less would not be missed. Plus I ususally see you at sailing events or when you get your halyard stuck at the top of the mast, unlike some of your readers. Sorry about the halyard, what can I say I'm a brute.

Happy Birthday, all my best for the Holidays.

If and when you get back, and you're not tooooo busy we'll have to get the chess board fired up because I am taking you down. Maybe best out of three:-)

Keep in touch.

Anthony Citrano

i echo the above comments in many ways, but mostly about the rescue part. you know I am more than capable of leading the cavalry and "bringing it." maybe you have some kind of mental infection that's fixable? ;)

happy birthday; it's been wonderful watching SoE evolve, and you along with it. whatever's cooking, I love you. i'll give a call.


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