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hurrah! (it's about time!)


my thought exactly this morning!


I've been watching since the beginning, so I can tell you this with confidence: Lost will never live up to its expectations without some serious counseling (and better writing).


I LOVE snow! Can't wait to go home to Chicago for Christmas!

Carol Anne

We got snow in Albuquerque last Tuesday -- about an inch, which was enough to mess up morning rush hour. Up at Five O'Clock Somewhere, there was more, but it had mostly melted by the time we got there Sunday. Wolf Creek had nearly three feet; we keep a close eye on that snowpack, since that, when it melts, is what fills up Heron Lake.


This was my first snow since moving back to New England. In a way it looked pretty, but I was very happy that it stopped quickly and has disappeared.

I am sure that the weather goddess will punish me for this remark.

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