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(secrety puts Bon Jovi on the stereo and turns up the volume...)


Hear's Bon Jovi through the windows as she's walking up the driveway and grins, 'cause it's a good party already. Wonders if she'll be able to slip some Eminem into the rotation a little later.


Shows up a tad late. Apologizes. Places beer in fridge. Comments to hostess about the funky atmosphere. Does a little dance over to the buffet table. Lip syncs to Bon Jovi.


*Whooa, we're half-way the-re...whooo-ah! Livin' on a pray-er!*


(Um...is Sybil standing on the buffet table?!)

By the way, you all have to try the cheesecake, it's incredible...and so calorie free this way! :D


(Hears Bon Jovi, runs back to car, dons long curly black hair and leather pants, returns to party)

Little did I know it was an 80s party with hair band music and all...

(Eyes wiring behind stereo to plug in iPod and play Motley Crue)


Kat, Did you bring your dancing shoes? Up for a little West Coast, once we get off the hair band kick? ;-)


uh, what is "Bon Jovi?"



did you check out my new dance shoes?


Weeble: You're on! I've wanted to try West Coast for a while now! :P

(Sherry, can we roll back the rug?)

Jm: nice shoes...do they have suede soles?


Hey Kat,

No. I didn't have suede put on them. May I have the next dance?


Watch out. JM is the international tango man of mystery! ;-)


JM: LOL, but of course! Tango me away!

Weeble: this West coast thing is really going to catch on over here. You'll have to teach me the footwork for the inside turn, West Coast style! :)

To the cat I nearly stepped on, hiding under the couch: I'm really sorry. Can I offer you one of Tillerman's prawns from the delicious Gumbo as compensation?


Hi Sybil, what's the 47 in teacher47 for? Are you a Sagehen by any chance?


Kat, if you would just stop dancing for a minute, grab that prawn and sit on the couch, I'd be happy to jump up and get cat hair all over your pants.


Sorry I'm late folks! I brought the firewood-- when the dancing's over we can gather 'round the fireplace for some hot chocolate.


(passes turboglacier a bottle of Baileys, checks the fridge for whipped cream)



I've been in the garage doing whippets. Sorry, guys. The Bon Jovi got to me, I guess... There's some whipped cream left, though.


I was hoping to put on some Old Crow Medicine Show.


Bonita: Awwwww...why thank you! (Did I ever tell you how much you look like my cat? She was part Norwegian Forest Cat and so loved doing belly flops into the bath tub.) Another prawn?

Turbo: hot chocolate sounds perfect right now...I also have some Milo from Aust. that I brought along if anyone wants to try it.

Scheherazade: you put on a great party!! :) (what are whippets?)


(Valerie: cool feather tango shoes!)

Will the cool after-party be at Sherry's other blog?

Just tried the brie - it is scrumptious!


[Starts to fill out various "I am sorry for ____" postcards to send out to party goers. Especially one to the hostess for spilling all over her lovely rug. And to the guy she walked in on in the bathroom. And there was the couple who...]

p.s. The number 47 has something to do with chromosomes. I think.


I've been kinda quiet for a while, mostly 'cause I was munching down all the food. But, now, I'm looking 'round the room for an easy crowd to break into. The dancing is always tempting, but maybe there are some single guys here...

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