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I took a latin dancing class once, but I am not very good.

Perhaps everyone wants to go outside for a game of cold ultimate?


OOOh! Will, I'll go throw with you for a while.


I don't mind playing in the snow. I am sure that Turboglacier wont be put off by the snow either. Although I bet he wants to play frisbee golf up the side of some snow-covered mountain.

Carol Anne

Hi, sorry I'm late ... Is there any gumbo left?


Sorry to be late, but at least we hit the starting line with clear air this weekend. Have some of Carol Anne's turkey tetrazini with green chile and tortilla soup? Anyone still have appetite for some lobstah bits for fondue dipping or a cup of lobster bisque? How about death-by-chocolate cheesecake? Oh yes, there's an ice chest with Alien Amber Ale and Isopod Pale Ale.




*cowers behind sofa with tail between his legs*


[Sniff sniff] Wanna go run around the backyard? [Sniff sniff]


Ms. Fowler, where's Lila?


(big hearty sniff of Simba)

Okay let's go!!!


I hate when everyone else is done with finals before I am. :-S

Anyone got some herbs?


How long has PJM been holding that canonball pose? That's impressive!

Carol Anne

(Sneaking Santana onto the stereo) Let's have some Latin beat! Yeah ... GOT A BLACK MAGIC WOMAN!...

(Meanwhile, Dulce moves in, working the crowd for handouts, while Tres snuggles up to pjm to offer sympathy.)


It's the best way to enter the water. No losing your goggles, and you can splash your nieces.

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CBC caught wind of them and did a five minute national television piece, CBC radio followed suit, and the Free Press presented SHRIMPs story to Winnipeg in a three page spread in The TAB.

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