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I am so glad you arrived safely my HOT girl!


Were you heading straight down 95 the whole time? No way to avoid traffic then in the Bronx, sigh. Glad it wasn't bad though!


Glad you got there safely - wishing you and NBT all the best as you embark on this exciting new adventure. There's nothing that's comparable to a new beginning with someone who matches you emotionally and intellectually.


Heading back, traffic in NY can be somewhat avoided by taking the Jersey Turnkpike & Garden State Parkway to the Tappan-Zee bridge, picking up 95 again north of the city right before you hit CT.

Unfortunatly, there's really no decent way to avoid the mixing bowl of Springfield, VA, where 95/495/395 meet...

I am so glad you got there safely. Have a FABULOUS Holiday Season with NBT!! It makes me smile to think you're allowing yourself to explore something so potentially wonderful. And that you're pure of heart enough to share it with all of us! This is way better than any movie or book. I am rooting for you guys!


Or just avoid the whole mess and do it under sail and Inland Waterway next time? NBT can pick you up at Town Dock

now that you're down here:


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