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Recipe contribution: Garbage Soup (or "Harvest Soup", if you prefer...)

6-8 small (8" or so) zucchini
one medium onion
olive oil
1 tsp. coarse sea salt

1 28-oz. can peeled tomatoes. Don't use puree or crushed tomatoes;
they really taste different. And don't omit the tomatoes. They are

Any or all of the following:
mushrooms, quartered
broccoli florets and/or thinly sliced stems
leftover turkey, shredded? Not sure...I always make it vegetarian.
other vegetables in the fridge that should be used

Slice onion and sauté in olive oil.
While that's cooking, slice zucchini.
Add zucchini to onions and fry a little.
Add 2 cups of water.
Cover; bring to boil and simmer until zucchini is soft.

Blend in blender until smooth. Add additional water if your blender
gets upset at you. At this point, the soup base can be frozen if you

Return puree to pot and bring to bubbling.
Add salt.
Add other materials of your choice until they are cooked.

Open tomatoes and pour juice into pot. Reach hand into tomato can
and squish tomatoes between your fingers until they are sort of pulpy
but still have some chunks. Pour the whole lot into the pot. Heat
through. Surreptitiously slurp excess tomato off hand.

Serve with corn bread and salad or whatevah the heck you want in Wintah.