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What a helpful car. Mine just starts driving funny, without any flashing lights or warnings.

Last time I tried the Ignore It method (usually combined with the "if you can't hear it when the radio is on, it's not a problem" test) it got louder, more noticable, and ultimately unsafe-feeling (cars shouldn't rock like boats).

Hope the car stays happy!


I recognize a VW dashboard anywhere! I like a lot of your pictures. You've got a k-nack for swell takes.
The Guy you met in Raleigh who is Sam F's friend. a.k.a. Jonathan

Stephen Brown

My sister's car used to make funny noises. When riding with her, I would comment upon said noises. She would then reach over, turn up the radio, look at me quizzically and say, "I don't hear anything. I don't know what you're talking about." Her car, too, started rocking like a boat. Then all noises stopped together.

Carol Anne

A friend of mine once had a van that was haunted by the ghost of an old sailing ship. It made all sorts of creaks and groans and rattles.

The speedometer was broken, but he had memorized what vibrated at what speed, so he always knew how fast he was going. For example, the right-side wing mirror vibrated at 55, so that was the resonance he sought on the highway (not that the van would actually go much faster than that anyway).



If you have questions about what your car might be complaining about, you should take it to a local AutoZone store. They have a little handheld tool that can read the diagnostics codes from the OBD II system* on your car and tell you what it is complaining about for free.

*IIRC, OBD II-On Board Diagnostics II is standard on most cars since 1997 or so...


I wish I had been more stringent with my "Friends don't let friends buy VW's" ethic.

If your "replace engine light" isn't on, the most likely reason is that it's burned out. A possible, but much less likely, explanation is that the engine does not, in fact, need replacing.


I love my VW. Not that it's without issues....

buy r4ds

I like my VW the most.I believe my dashboard is the finest in the industry and fits great.

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