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your bag went on to chicago? I love it. the TSA is supposed to pull all bags that aren't accompanied by passengers. Air travel just isn't what it used to be....
(sorry this comment came out more grumpy than I intended. and i'm sorry you're stuck in a airport hotel, waiting for a flight home. Travel safe.)


Oh hon. Yuck.


The TSA is supposed to do a lot of things, but it doesn't do much, besides spread fear, loathing and doubt, well. It is also quite good at harrassing innocent passengers for the fun of it.

Airline travel has sunk pretty low, when you consider the fact that airlines are no longer interested in servicing the customers, and then mix in the security measures—most of which are relatively ineffective.


If nothing else, it will make home that much more welcoming (once you finally get there).

travel safe

ipod zubehoer

As a marketer for small businesses, I definitely agree with you. There is simply too much information and "new ways" to do things. (Proven and unproven)

I see myself as a data point for my clients. I help process and concrete some of these concepts.

Really though, the motivation and desired effects are the same. Everyone has been trying to wrestle "word of mouth". Old dog, new tricks.

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