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We at Honda Nation forgive you, and welcome you back with open arms (a green or blue Civic Hybrid has your name on it, earthy colors and everything).

Carol Anne

It must be an odd feeling, seeing one's car getting hauled away on a wrecker and actually being happy about it. I'm still in mourning for El Caballero.


I know how you feel; I had a jetta that basically suffered the same fate (transmission, differential, cv boots, odometer, you name it). What did you get to replace it?


Friends don't let friends buy VW's! uh... except this friend, I guess... sorry...


I've owned VW Siroccos(3), Golfs(2), and Audi 5000s(4). Each had terrible repair records. I got over my love affair nearly 15 years ago and driven mostly Japanese cars since. They go forever without repair. Maybe VW will wake up someday.

buy dsi r4

Thanks for share your experience with us, i really appreciate this.. I have owned BMW bt this care is looking nice..

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