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i love it! i hope the hat makes its social debut either tonight for monday night ski club or for tuesday's black tie creative . . . .


My mom had a hat like that she wore skiing in the 80s, and we (kids) teased her to no end. She never let it bother her though, maybe she felt like royalty in it too. Until it met an untimely demise when our dog found it one afternoon :(
Thanks for the memories :)

Carol Anne

That is one fantastic hat. It's definitely a keeper.

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WOW,it looks very nice.Actually I had such kind of hat,somewhat different but unfortunately I lost it few years ago.

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It looks superb.I love fur hats.If wants to wear one hat for a long time, then fur hats, made from beaver fur, or even rabbit fur, are the best buys. Although they are more expensive, their durability makes them affordable.

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