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Carol Anne

It is fascinating what the past produces when it is looked into. My uncle and his then-fiancee, now wife, went to Germany to look up family history and found out about a WWI U-Boat sailor who had the same name as my uncle. At the war memorial in the cemetery, just purely by coincidence, they met the woman who had been my ancestor's fiancee, who then helped them to fill in that whole part of the family history.

It is important to all of us to know about the past. But unfortunately, a lot of the actors in that past are reluctant to tell about their roles. Pat's dad took part in important actions in WWII in North Africa and Italy, but he is reluctant to talk about any of it -- he keeps saying "oh, it was nothing," he didn't do anything special, so he doesn't think we should make a big deal of it. He has a couple of stock war stories that he pulls out for family reunions (and that everyone's already heard before), but otherwise, he's mum.


Thanks for posting -- it looks wonderful, and I hope your mother and all your family is enjoying the fruits of all that labor. It sounds like a lot of love and care went into the research and writing.

I'll have to get a copy!

Enjoy the new branch on your family tree.


i imagine this must've been quite a life-changing experience for your mother, especially in processing the information she has about her father and extrapolating tentative ideas about who he was, and what his life was like. and for you, too -- it's always somewhat surprising to realize for the first time that we've inherited a trait from a family member.

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I really enjoyed this book. It is written by someone who is not trained in the military yet does an amazing job documenting her father's career and life aboard a wartime submarine. Ms. Fowler also gives a unique perspective on how a loss af a submarine affects so many lives.

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Its very touchy story. Reading is always good thing to adapt. I have really enjoyed a lot.

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